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Duck and salmon 454 grams 80-10-10

One pack of Southcliffe duck and salmon 80-10-10 complete 454 gram pack.

Duck cat food 80-10-10

24 packs of 150 grams 80-10-10 complete cat food.

Four seasons natural dewormer

This  natural blend of Ingredients supports Intestinal hygiene, without altering the natural gut flora, and is well tolerated by the

Goat horn

Made of fibrous keratin rather than bone, great for cleaning teeth and won’t become sticky or slimy upon chewing. Long-lasting

Insect powder

Our eco-insect protein sprinkle, is 100% natural ground insect. Particularly good for dogs with sensitive tummies and food intolerances.  Rich

Lamb horn

Hi If you’re looking for a pure and durable treat, Anco Lamb Horns are just that. Lamb Horns are much